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Bexar Bulverde Volunteer
Fire Dept. #106




San Antonio, Texas



Project Team

Anthony Scarnato

Enrique Villanueva


13,990 sf

20220428_152818 2.jpg

Bexar Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department awarded DSA, Inc. Fire Station 106 in 2019.  Project services included platting, extending utilities to the site, and careful coordination with the County to determine and satisfy the needs of personnel at the new Fire Station.

The station includes: three double stacked bays, three sets of high speed four-fold doors for quick departure, an open concept living/dining dayroom, low VOC finishes, durable interior materials for longevity, an energy efficient HVAC system, energy star appliances for lower utility consumption, a solar ready roof, and fenced secure personnel parking on site.

20220428_143833 2.jpg
20220428_150442 2.jpg
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This Fire Station can accommodate three Fire Apparatus and three emergency response vehicles. The decontamination room has a wash down area and is also equipped with an extractor bunker gear laundry machine.

The living quarters were pre-planned to house future staff and include seven dormitories, three full bathrooms with showers, two offices, a fitness center, and more. A large, covered porch with general seating encompasses part of the back of the station with a view into a large forested area for recreation.

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